In this lesson, we’ll cover the Custom Filters which help us look for specific things when crawling a website. In short, custom filters allow us to instruct Screaming Frog to search all site code for specific things such as text, a google analytics tracking code, etc.


There are two types of Custom Filters in Screaming Frog:

  • Custom Search: Searches all website code for a specific string (keyword, number, etc.). You can choose to either “Include” or “Exclude” based on this search. Common use: Search for your Google Analytics code to see if it’s missing from any pages.
  • Custom Extractions: Searches all html and returns data based on your instructions. for example, instead of just returning whether or not your GA code is on a page, it could return all GA account numbers on a page.

Common Uses

  • Search for Google Analytics code to find pages where it’s missing
  • Search for mentions of a specific item, product, etc.
  • The custom extractions tool mentioned above is extremely useful but requires a firm understanding of regex.