So you’ve decided to use Google Data Studio to help make sense of your Instagram stats! We agree, it’s the best option around.

So a common question we get is related to finding the best ways to connect Instagram to Google Data Studio. Here’s the skinny on what your options are.

First, we should note that Google does not offer a connector for this. Otherwise we’d use it! Too bad but thus far, Google only offers built-in connectors for Google products like Google Ads, Google Analytics, Youtube, etc. So how can this easily be done?

2 Easy Ways to Connect Data Studio to IG

Use Supermetrics to Connect Data Studio and IG

To date, Supermetrics is one of our favorite Google Data Studio connector services. They are cost-effective (even for SMBs), stable, and offer the full array of data points from Instagram. The connector is really easy to use as well so those of us less-techy marketers can easily make the connection which is super efficient. Here’s how you connect SuperMetrics with Google Data Studio.

1- Visit We always recommend that you check-out the connectors before using them. Supermetrics starts free for all users. That said, if you end up connecting other services (mutliple IG accounts, facebook accounts, etc.), you may have to upgrade to paid plan (coupon code for 20% off: WEBGUMPTION) which is easy to do later.

2- Use our template OR access your Google Data Studio Dashboard and watch the short video below which will walk you through making the connection.

Use Power My Analytics to Connect Data Studio and IG

Power My Analytics is another resource which provides a great Instagram Insights connector for Google Data Studio. We’ve always found that this services offers great customer support and clear instructions on how to apply their connectors. To do so:

1- Visit You’ll have to first setup an account with them before proceeding. Good news is that they offer a free trial. The plugin will run you about 9.99/month after the trial ends.

2- Follow PowerMyAnalytics instructions on completing setup.

What’s the Best Way to Connect IG to DS?

In this editor’s humble opinion, Supermetrics all the way. The pricing model and ease of use makes adding the connection (and future connections) really easy. Please comment below and let us know what you think!

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