Episode Highlights

  • Lots of us use negative keywords to block queries
  • Bing offers a report now to help highlight possible conflicts
  • Available for shopping campaigns

What it does

  • Provides a list of SKUs blocked by negative terms
  • Shows which negative keyword blocked which SKU
  • Comments: I have no idea how to make this useful… Yet!


Rick: Good afternoon and welcome to the LearnDigitalAdvertising.com daily marketing news. I’m your host, Rick.

Juan: Hey, welcome back to the show. I’m your other host, Juan.

Rick: And we’ve got to about seven or eight stories to go over quickly today on September 11, 2019. Juan, get us started, sir.

Juan: I’ll certainly get you started real quick here. We were out for a little bit because of the hurricane, but we’re back now bringing the news as consistently as before. So first off, we got Bing is launching a negative keyword conflict report for shopping campaigns. So if you’re running shopping campaigns, there’s not really any other way to block out certain search terms besides adding negative keywords. Bing’s now going to help you out with that. You’d be able to see a report with a list of SKUs that could be potentially blocked by your negative keywords. And you’ll see a report up on the screen there. Something similar to that.

Rick: Yeah. And what you see there are list of your SKUs. You have a column to show your basically product ID, which we’ve blocked out for privacy reasons. Then it shows you which negative keyword is actually blocking that product from showing. The idea here is if a certain SKU is matched with a negative keyword that you didn’t really expect to block that particular product from showing, this is your chance to correct it.

Rick: We did run this for a client and I think there were over 15,000 rows. So it became a little difficult to just kind of at a glance make sense of. But I think if you move it over to a pivot table or throw it into Data Studio or find a good way to sort of break that up for larger campaigns, it may help draw some attention to potential issues you have.

Rick: I’m on the fence. I think it’s kind of useless, but we might find use for it later and change our minds. But it’s another step that Bing has taken to improve the network. And we like that.

Juan: That’s good.



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