Episode Highlights

Free to access via LinkedIn’s education platform


  • Basics of LinkedIn marketing
  • Organic marketing on LinkedIn (how to use free features link groups, your profile, search, etc.)
  • LinkedIn Ad Basics including audiences, campaign setup, etc.


Juan: All right, next up we’ve got LinkedIn is offering free courses on their platform. Interesting. They are going to give you an educational course explaining the basics of LinkedIn marketing, organic marketing on LinkedIn. It’s important. I would say it’s something that it’s good that they’re focused on training people on how to use LinkedIn. Networking is huge. Honestly, I might take to take the course myself and give you some feedback on it. But basic including audiences, campaign setups on as far as ads as well.

Rick: A super good move, mirrors what Google did with ads, what Facebook does with ads. The more users know how to use it, the more they’re going to spend. So we’ll be interested to take that course. And because we are LearnDigitalAdvertising.Com, we will tell you how it is.


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