Welcome to the show Rick & Juan are bringing your digital advertising news the way you like it short and to the point. Coming up we got Google Data Studio news, Bing Ads and a few updates to AMP.

Topic: GDS (data studio) new features

Tree Maps! It is a new feature in Data Studio you can see a sample of it in the video or you can go directly to Data Studio and select it from the add a chart dropdown. So basically Juan calls it an advanced pie chart, but it is really good for viewing dimensional data and show the relative size of different dimensions based on the metric that you’re charting. Cool tool, this one also supports drill down so if you have multiple dimension level such as maybe medium and then source and then campaign you can get a relative view of your data.

For those of you who are a little more code-heavy and use Data Studio with more advanced formulas, Google has added a few new types of functions:

  • contains text
  • starts with
  • ends with

There’s are a couple of others but I think those are the three main ones, so again when writing your formulas you will now have a little bit more flexibility.

Topic: Bing Ads now offers Experiments & DSAs now expanded

Experiments are now available on standard search campaigns, for now, it’s not going to include dynamic search ads or shopping campaigns but you’re finally allowed to run some A/B test on your search ads. DSA’s have been expanded just a bit with the addition of another subscription field, up to 90 characters each for the two descriptions.

With these two new features experiments and DSA expansion, we are definitely seeing a lot in terms of Bing playing catch-up to Google. We are noticing a lot of features similar to Google that Bing is launching, we will keep you updated as always as these roll out but definitely update your campaigns based on these items.

Topic: Google announces further use of AMP with Google Images

We don’t know what to do with AMP just very hot and cold and back and forth on this piece. We have covered AMP in some episodes in the past if you have seen them you’ll know we are not sure about implementing AMP from an SEO standpoint and whether it actually helps the overall traffic.

Google continues the advancing of AMP technology and they make it kind of hard to make a decision on it. Basically what they’re doing now is within image search on mobile devices is allowing for you to swipe up to instantly access the content. So your image appears in some search and the user can swipe up to access the content immediately.

Maybe we’re just slow on this but like before you had amp as kind of like a here’s a little more traffic, everyone is going to use it this way but as Google starts to implement more features that keep traffic off of your site. Meaning off of your server, what kind of impact will this have? It’s just images right now but what incentive does Google really have to ever send traffic to a specific web server. We question the pros and cons and think about what will AMP evolve to become.

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