Today, we’ve got a short video on In-Market Segments and specifically, how to use data from Google Analytics to improve your Google Ad campaigns.

What are In-Marketing Segments?

Google groups web searchers into buckets (or categories) based on their current shopping behavior. For example, if Google detects a user searching for home and garder related items recently, they are put in that bucket. Why? So advertisers can try to target those people to show relevant ads.

How to Use In Market Segments [VIDEO]

In this video, we cover a simple approach to using the data from Google Analytics In Market Segment Report to improve Google Ad campaigns.

Text Summary

  1. Determine which in-market segments are most likely to convert
  2. Add those segments as Google Ads Audiences in your campaigns (observation mode only)
  3. Monitor your KPIs such as ROAS, CPA, etc. and if they perform better, consider increasing your bids on those audiences.