Google Data Studio is at it again with another great new feature! Today, Google announced a new capability for Google Data Studio, data drill-down and drill-up. That’s right, you can now configure your charts to allow a greater level of user interaction so that users can drill into data to get a more granular view.

How to Configure Google Data Studio Hierarchies/Drill Downs

Here’s the skinny on this new feature:

Data Studio Drill Down

The drill down feature allows Data Studio users to select a dimension within a chart and drill down for more detail. Examples:

  • User is viewing Worldwide map of website traffic by session. The user can now right click on the USA and drill into the map to see state-level data
  • User is viewing session data by medium. The user can now drill-down to view the source of any referral traffic for more detail

Data Studio Drill Up

Now the opposite scenario, users who have drill down on any chart can drill-up to return to the original chart. Examples:

  • User who has drilled-down on the Woldwide map into USA traffic can return to the Worldwide view.
  • User who had drilled-down into the medium referral can drill back up to see all mediums.


As with most Data Studio releases, the limitations of this new feature are a many!

  • Tables and Pivot Tables cannot drill down
  • Any charts with NO dimension aspect (scorecards mainly) cannot drill-down
  • Maps currently only support USA drill downs

Questions and comments always welcome below!