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In all honesty, the early post on this is unclear as to when this goes live and what exactly these audiences can be used for. Updates:

  • Product Audiences for shopping campaigns
  • Retarget with display ads which show the same products which the user viewed. AKA dynamic retargeting!

Similar Audiences

  • Lookalike audiences

Don’t forget about Dynamic Search Ads! These are not new but we just noticed them so thought you might have missed it too!


Rick: The next story are some new features in Bing and the image we chose today, the tortoise and the hare. Google is feeling a lot more like the hare these days, as the tortoise, Bing, just keeps on rolling new features and even though Google’s got all of these features already, the pace of growth is pretty tremendous right now, but what do we got Juan? What’s going on in there?

Juan: Looks like they’re adding product audiences for shopping campaigns. So, always available somewhere else, but now you can re-target with display ads to show the same product that the user has viewed. So, dynamic retargeting there and also similar audiences, which is a look alike audience, like Facebook, similar audiences like Google and also the Amex Search Ads. This has been out for some time now. We have implemented it on a few campaigns and they’re working well. Got some positive results there. So, those are good.

Rick: And yeah, and the truth is I actually thought dynamic search ads were brand new and being that they had been around for six months and turns out Juan’s been running them the whole time. So, if you didn’t know they were there, they are there and I think from what we’re seeing, we looked over some data right before this. The performance was very similar to Google. Again, the volumes going to be a lot lower in Bing, but the return on ad spend was very similar. So, it is a pretty good product. The dynamic search ads are really a pretty good product it seems like at this point and I would say on the whole Bing, I feel if you’ve been managing ads for a while, you know that Bing up until about a year ago just was totally on this downhill slide performance wise and volumes always been low, but even ROAS and CPAs and everything seemed to be going downhill.

Rick: Both the launch of all these new features, definitely seeing a comeback and it’s definitely a more interesting ad network from our viewpoint with this.

Juan: They got a thumbs up right now.

Rick: Thumbs too. Thumbs up. All right.


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